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Publishing & Promotion Services

eBook & Print Formatting

Whether you want to publish on Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace, Nook, Kobo or have a PDF copy of a report, I will make your words shine with formatting that puts you up there with the professionals.

Self-Publishing Consultation

Need help self-publishing? I can help advise you on where to sell, formatting, categories, keywords and more.

Website Development

I create visitor-friendly websites that do what you want, at a budget you can afford, that Google loves. Whether it’s a one-page site to promote your book or a full-scale brochure site to show off your business, I can help.

Creative Cat APPS


Creative Cat APPS

About Emma

Geek-Free Speak For Author Publishing and Promotion

  • Finished NaNoWriMo and unsure how to get your novel published?
  • Don't want to pay a vanity publisher?
  • Want to self-publish but are stuck on the lingo?
  • Need help with making your work look great for print?
  • Self-published and need ideas on raising your visibility?
  • Want a website but don't have a clue what to put on it or how to start?

I can help!

My name's Emma and I'm passionate about what I do. Based in Nottingham, I'm an author, web developer and run two independent publishing imprints, dealing with all logistical aspects.

With experience in formatting and managing both print and digital books, for myself, my clients and my business, I know how the self-publishing system works, inside out.

Creative Cat APPS


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